Eldridge and Dykema: Water is worth an investment

By State Senator Jamie Eldridge and Representative Carolyn Dykema MetroWest Daily News August 4, 2013 Every day, without thinking twice, we wash our faces and brush our teeth with safe, clean water. Water plays a fundamental role in our everyday lives, yet we often fail to appreciate the systems that bring it to our tap […]

MWDN, Tim Murray leaves a record of accomplishment

By Senator Jamie Eldridge With Tim Murray leaving the office of the lieutenant governor this past Sunday, it’s important to remember his dedication to public service and his work to improve the lives of the people of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. With the strong partnership that existed between Governor Patrick and Lt. Gov. Murray, many […]

Boston Globe: Legislature must move Mass. clean-energy economy forward

By Jamie Eldridge and Frank I. Smizik This week, the Massachusetts House and Senate have an amazing opportunity to build on the Commonwealth’s energy policy foundation so that our energy economy can continue on its path as an emerging world player in the clean-energy industry — and ensure Massachusetts energy consumers a secure, reliable and […]

MWDN: Wildlife protection endangered

By State Senator Jamie Eldridge & Former State Senator Pam Resor For over 20 years, the Massachusetts Endangered Species Act (MESA) has helped ensure the continued survival of the Commonwealth’s most imperiled plant and animal species. One of the most important and effective environmental laws in the Commonwealth, MESA protects 176 species of animals and […]

MWDN: Modernize our Voter Registration Laws

It’s been almost twenty years since we last updated our voter registration process, and so much has changed since then. These days, the news doesn’t stop, communication is instant, and search engines provide information at the click of a button. The state government has made great strides in keeping up with this trend, and residents […]

MWDN: Democracy Isn’t for Sale

February 1, 2012 By State Senator Jamie Eldridge (Guest Columnist) Over the past few years, frustration with the increasing power that corporations have on our political system has been growing across the country. Whether it has been the debate over healthcare reform, financial reform and consumer protection, or clean air and water regulations, we’ve seen […]

MWDN: Time to get smart about growth

By Jamie Eldridge and Andre Leroux Our state’s clunky zoning law has become a threat to the prosperity and health of our cities and towns. The last time the Massachusetts Legislature tackled comprehensive land use and zoning legislation was 1975. At that point, the country’s average home price was $42,600. A gallon of gas hovered […]

Boston Herald: Time to Flag Pay to Play

Of all the unsettling information we’ve gained from the Sal DiMasi trial, one takeaway has been unsurprising: On Beacon Hill, money talks. The only difference is that typically, money used to influence the legislative process flows through legal channels. Take two scenarios: A legislator writes and passes a law, personally pocketing thousands of dollars in […]