Boston Globe LTE: Staff losses at Mass. environmental agencies are keenly felt

July 18, 2015 THIS WEEK 40 environmental organizations across Massachusetts signed a letter to Governor Baker, expressing their deep concern over the departure of state employees from two major environmental agencies under the governor’s early-retirement incentive program (“Groups call for more hires at 2 agencies,” Metro, July 14). Both the Department of Environmental Protection and […]

Boston Herald/Cape Cod Times: Time to soften approach to nonviolent drug crimes

As co-chairmen of the Massachusetts Legislature’s Harm Reduction and Drug Law Reform Caucus, we applaud Supreme Judicial Court Chief Justice Ralph Gants for his powerful call to end mandatory minimums for nonviolent drug offenses. As anyone can tell from the opiate crisis affecting every Massachusetts community, the data are disturbing. Though the number of prisoners […]

MWDN: Eldridge on Question 2: Vote for a better Bottle Bill

By State Senator Jamie Eldridge On Tuesday, November 4th, Massachusetts voters have the opportunity to improve the Bottle Bill, by voting “yes” on Question 2. Question 2 will make our parks, our streets, and our neighborhoods cleaner, by increasing recycling across Massachusetts. Litter will be reduced in every community by merely expanding a common-sense law, […]

MWDN: Eldridge: Save Fannie, Freddie and homeownership

By State Sen. Jamie Eldridge, D-Acton, co-chair of the Joint Committee on Housing Often, issues that arise in Washington don’t affect the average Massachusetts resident – usually the partisan gridlock prevents sweeping policy changes from interrupting our everyday lives. However, when there is legislation pending on Capitol Hill that impacts home ownership and the ability […]