Help4OK Challenge

I recently took part in the National Day of Civic Hacking held on June 1-2 by submitting the Help4OK challenge. This challenge builds on local efforts for crisis management response and is based on a website for Oklahoma tornado victims to connect people who need help with people who can give help. Visit my blog for more information about the event.

A showcase of projects selected from the National Day of Hacking will be featured at an event at the White House on July 23 in tandem with President Obama’s focus on STEM education.


In the district that I represent, there has always been a tremendous outpouring of support from residents to help those in need during natural disasters and emergencies like Hurricane Irene and Sandy. The mission of this website is to strengthen the partnership between government and the people it serves and make it easy and efficient to help others during times of crisis.

Challenge Description

In the aftermath of the Oklahoma tornado, volunteer developers reached out to FEMA to find out how they could help. The result is Help4OK.org, a website that connects people in Oklahoma seeking and offering housing and rides. Let’s turn this project into a reusable, extendable disaster response application that can be quickly, easily set up in response to future disasters.

Watch our video and consider getting involved today by signing up below.

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