Economic Development

Jamie believes that the best way to grow our economy and create jobs is by investing in our communities, our workforce, and our infrastructure.

Creating Economic Opportunity

In the Middlesex & Worcester District, the economic viability of our communities depends upon our ability to attract companies to our area and create good-paying jobs. Investments in our infrastructure — such as our transportation systems, and our water systems — are critical in those efforts, which is why Jamie has focused much of his efforts on strengthening those systems.

After years of work, Jamie helped secure the funding for improvements to the Fitchburg commuter rail, to make that commute faster and more reliable. He also has worked to bring federal stimulus money to the district for road construction projects and wastewater treatment renovations, and passed legislation creating the Water Infrastructure Finance Commission,  to examine the needs of our communities when it comes to water infrastructure and come up with a plan for the future.

Life Sciences & Green Jobs

Jamie was a supporter of the life sciences bill, that is investing $1 billion over the next ten years into biotech and other life sciences industries in Massachusetts.  This will create many well-paying jobs in the Commonwealth, particularly along the 495 belt.

Jamie is also a strong supporter of efforts to position Massachusetts as a national leader in green jobs and green technologies. To that end, he supported the Green Communities Act and the Green Jobs bill, which will invest in alternative energy companies and create thousands of jobs.  It is important to remember that increasing investment in alternative energy creates jobs not only for well-educated professionals, but also for men and women with only a high school or associate’s degree.

Transparency & Accountability in Economic Development Spending

In this tight fiscal climate, Jamie has been a leader of the effort to ensure that our economic development dollars are spent as efficiently as possible. This year, he helped pass legislation that will require public disclosure of the results of refundable tax credits, which are essentially subsidies that we give corporations to encourage job growth.

This measure would  provide a measure of accountability as to the cost effectiveness of tax credits, and help us make the best possible decisions going forward about how to allocate our economic development dollars.

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