Boston Globe: Eldridge to Chair Water Panel

By Jennifer Fenn-Lefferts

State Senator Jamie Eldridge of Acton was appointed by Governor Deval Patrick to serve as chairman of the newly created Water Infrastructure Commission. The commission will examine ways that the state can help cities and towns finance water infrastructure needs. The chairmanship is a volunteer position. “Now, more than ever, it is important to think creatively about how the Commonwealth can help cities and towns pay for basic needs, like clean water and modern sewage treatment.” Eldridge said in announcing his appointment. The commission was created through an amendment in the state budget that was submitted by Eldridge.

1 thought on “Boston Globe: Eldridge to Chair Water Panel

  • Terrific news! It’s way past time to look at all water resources holistically, keeping in mind that sooner or later we will probably be drinking what comes out of treatment plants….

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