Agenda June 15, 2011

Massachusetts Water Infrastructure Finance Commission
Wednesday, June 15, 2011
10 am-12 pm
Senate Reading Room
State House, Boston MA 02130


  1. Approval of Minutes April 12, 2011(attached)
  1. Announcements and Updates
  2. Discussion, Amendment, and Possible Vote on Interim (“Short”) Report to be submitted to the legislature in June. (See attached draft, compiled by staff that has NOT been approved in any way by the Commission.)

4.     Discussion of “Long Report” due in the fall

Dear Commission Members:

I am looking forward to our Commission meeting tomorrow, Wednesday June 15, 2011 at 10am in the Senate Reading Room.  Our major topic will be to discuss the proposed draft Interim (“Short”) Report that has been compiled by my staff for your consideration.  I hope that we can discuss it, amend it as needed, and be prepared to vote to submit it to the Legislature.

While this  draft is based on the many hours of deliberation of the Commission, its Working Groups, and the four public hearings, as well as written reports by the Working Groups and testimony of many stakeholders, it does not yet represent the view of the Commission as a whole.  That will await the Commission’s input, edits, debate and vote.

By putting this draft on the table, I hope that we can identify any errors, omissions, or lack of consensus, and will be able to move forward toward an interim report.

I thank you all for your hard work, professional expertise, and thoughtful deliberation.

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