Agenda November 9, 2011

Massachusetts Water Infrastructure Finance Commission
Wednesday, November 9, 2011
Senate Reading Room
10 to noon


1. Minutes of October 3, 2011 meeting

2. Review and Vote on Recommendations

  • Reordering, reorganization, editing, and condensing of recommendations
  • Changes to our earlier recommendations on SRF interest rates, based on the presentation made by Mr. Enrique Zuniga at the last Commission Meeting (see Section 5b).
  • A general recommendation for additional revenues, but not the specific choice of Working Group Four’s Blue Community Act that uses the mil rate as the sole source (see Section 5e).
  • Addition of some target numbers for additional revenues (See Sections 5c and 5e).
  • Addition of many of the recommendations of Working Group Two submitted in September but not yet voted by the full Commission  (see Sections 13 and 14).
  • Edits recommended by Working Group Three.
  • Are we in the right place on our recommendation on Primacy?   (See Section 19a)

3. Gap Analysis update

  • Representative Dykema and Working Group Two
  • Letter from Enrique Zuniga, Water Pollution Abatement Trust

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