Agenda October 3 2011

Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Water Infrastructure Finance Commission

Monday, October 3, 2011
10-12:00 noon
Senate Reading Room
State House
Boston, MA 02133


Approval of Commission Minutes July 20, 2011- see attachment

  1. Approval of Working Group Two final sets of Minutes – see attachment

3.      Progress in drafting the Final Report – Representative Dykema

4.      Follow up from July 20 Workshop:  Redrafted  Recommendations – see attachment

  1. Report from Working Groups
    1. Working Group One – Gap Analysis
    2. Working Group Two –  Public/Private Partnerships; Project Delivery – see attachment;  see also letter from Frederick Laskey at MWRA
    3. Working Group Three-
    4. Working Group Four- “Blue Community Act” –  see two attachments
  2. Further deliberation on Recommendations concerning the State Revolving Fund –  conversation with Mr. Zuniga from the Water Pollution Abatement Trust

7.      Miscellaneous

a.      Ballot initiative petition – would cap increases in water and sewer rates to 2.5% – see attached letter from MWWA

b.      Upcoming Meetings

Commission Meeting

Wednesday, November 9

10-12 noon

Senate Reading Room State House

Boston, MA 02133

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