March 22 Agenda

Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Water Infrastructure Finance Commission
Tuesday, March 22
10-12:00 noon
Senate Reading Room  State House
Boston, MA 02133


1.       Minutes from March 1, 2011

2.       Broad Agreement on Overview of Report – The Big Picture

  1. Members, please review the attached TABLE of FINDINGS which is based in on the draft reports and preliminary outlines of the Working Groups, hearing testimony, and various other input.
  2. Come  to the meeting prepared to identify omissions or conflicts with the overview of the report
  3. To the extent possible, we will seek to reach consensus on the major themes and narrative of the report as represented on the chart.  

Please note:  We will hold off on seeking consensus on specific recommendations (column to the far right) until our next meeting, pending more detail from the Working Groups.

3.      Comments from David Cash of the EEA Sustainable Water Management Advisory Committee

  1. Status and Schedule of the Advisory Committee
  2. Congruities, overlap, complementarities between WIFC and EEA/SWM.

In 2010 the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs created the Sustainable Water Management Advisory Committee comprised of a wide range of stakeholders and supported by staff from the Department of Environmental Protection, the Department of Fish and Game, and the Department of Conservation and Recreation. Working with the Water Management Act Advisory Committee and the Water Resources Commission will advise EEA and its agencies on the development of a water allocation program that examines solutions to satisfying water needs while recognizing ecological issues such as low streamflow.


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