October 26th Agenda

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Water Infrastructure Finance Commission

Tuesday, October 26

10:00-12:00 noon

Senate Reading Room

State House

Boston, MA 02133

Meeting Agenda:

1.                Approve Minutes

2.                Feedback and comments on the first two hearings

3.                Update from each Working Group

4.       Discussion of Watershed Management Approach

Guest:  Richard Kleiman, former Watershed Basin Team Leader at EOEA

5.                Next steps and reminders for upcoming commission events

Senator Eldridge and Representative Dykema are pleased to introduce Heather Bell who will be interning with the Commission.  A graduate student at Tufts in the Tufts University Water: Systems, Science, and Society (WSSS) program, Heather is available to assist with research requests for the working groups.

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