September 28th Agenda

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Water Infrastructure Finance Commission

September 28, 2010

Senate Lobby  10:00 am


Review and Adoption of Minutes

1.       July 14, 2010

Proposed Statewide Hearings

1.      Hearings have been set up in Boston and Westborough in October

2.      Two additional hearings are being set up in November.

a.       Cape Cod Community College

b.      Western Mass -ideas for location?

3.      Urge Commission members to attend the hearings

4.      How to encourage attendance/testimony at the hearings

5.      Written testimony to the Commission is also welcome

6.      Does our hearing announcement do enough to guide the kind of testimony we want to hear?

7.      Other

Administrative Matters

1.      All Working Group Meetings must be posted 48 hours in advance at the place of the meeting as well as at the State level by Senator Eldridge’s office.   If the chair of each working group could please send an email to Sally with a clear title (PLEASE POST Working Group One Meeting) that would be helpful.  Sally will respond when the meeting has been duly posted.

2.      Minutes must be taken at each subgroup meeting.  Please send draft minutes to Sally with a similar clear title.  (DRAFT MINUTES WIFC Working Group One October 5, 2010).

3.      Please copy Sally and Brendan on all Working Group emails

4.      Other?

Working Session:  Report and Discussion of Working Group Progress

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