WG2 January 10, 2011 Minutes

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Approved Meeting Minutes

Infrastructure Finance Commission Group 2 Sub-Committee Meeting

10:00AM on 10 January 11 at the Lexington DPW Facility, Lexington, Ma.

  1. The meeting was called to order by Sub-Committee Chairman, Tom Walsh at 10:15AM.
  2. Members recorded present:  Tom Walsh, Bill Callahan and Dave Hanlon (recorder of the minutes)
  3. Others Present:  Linda Maki/Ann Wrhinelansek representing ‘Who Decides’, Gloucester, Ma., Jennifer Pederson/Beth Miller representing MWWA, and Rosalie Starvish representing GZA
  4. Items/Issues for Discussion
    1. Storm Water:  compliance and generation of revenue via a Storm Water Utility.  Rosalie Starvish, GZA discussed the regional approach recently undertaken by the communities of Milford, Franklin and Bellingham.  An EPA Permit would ultimately be given to a Residual Designation Authority (RDA) to include private property.  Emphasis in the next round of MS4 permitting is to anticipate the removal of phosphorous.
    2. The Chair requested members to volunteer in submitting ‘White Papers’ for the 5 Basic Issues generated by this sub-committee (reference to the attachment of this Meeting Agenda of 10 January 11).  In order:  1.Callahan 2.Walsh/Hanlon 3.Martin 4.Hanlon 5.Walsh
    3. Further discussion on the specific of 5 issues to be addressed:
      1. Reference to the Pennsylvania Model of Asset Management
      2. Suggested Structural Community  Requirements such as:  CIP/Enterprise Accounting/Annual Costs (O&M, CIP, Debt) to be developed/required for SRF Funding
      3. Further/Detailed review of the Tighe and Bond annual Mass Communities Water Rates
      4. Availability/Restructuring of DEP Resources in assisting Municipalities in meeting new requirements
      5. Reducing costs of current utilities (short and long term)
        1. Regionalization (Energy Reduction)/DEP Energy Pilot
        2. Permitting (Costs/Procedures/Delays:  i.e. NPDS Wastewater Discharge Permits based on science.
        3. Contract OPS/Privatization (DEP/Operator Rep)

Respectfully submitted on 31Jan11,

Dave Hanlon

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