WG2 September 12 2011 Minutes

Water Infrastructure Finance Commission – Work Group 2
Monday September 12, 2011
Meeting held at : Upper Blackstone Pollution Abatement District
Chaired by : Thomas Walsh

Approved Minutes


Thomas Walsh, Thomas Tilas, William Callahan

Guests: Nate Keenan MWPAT, Bill Maki “ Who Decides”

Meeting notes:

Meeting called to order by Chairman Walsh at 1pm

Motion to accept and approve minutes of 8/29/11 meeting ( see attachment) made by Bill Callahan

Motioned seconded by Tom Tilas – Minutes approved, by Walsh, Tilas, Callahan

Members of the workgroup conducted review of draft text for inclusion into final report. (see attached) Callahan suggested edits of sections three and four. Edits were incorporated into text –

Nate Keenan from Mass Water Pollution Abatement Trust provided workgroup with WPAT Policy relative to grants and loans to privately owned utilities.

10 recommendations were made ( see attached) and incorporated into text of Group 2 working document.

Motion to adjourn: Bill Callahan, seconded by Tom Tilas …meeting adjourned

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