Eldridge Receives 110% Score from Environmental Organizations

BOSTON- State Senator Jamie Eldridge (D-Acton) received a score of 110% — the highest possible score – as well as a spot on the “Honor Roll” from the Massachusetts League of Environmental Voters (MLEV) today for his strong leadership on environmental issues in the Legislature.

“We commend Senator Eldridge for his 110% in our 2010 Environmental Scorecard and diligent environmental leadership that landed him a spot on our Honor Roll,” said Lora Wondolowski, Executive Director of the Massachusetts League of Environmental Voters.  “When others failed to see the connections between growing our economy and protecting our environment, Jamie fought big business lobbyists for our health and future.”

“I am proud of the environmental work I have fought to accomplish in the Legislature this year, including passing ‘PACE’ legislation to make it more affordable for homeowners to install solar panels and attract green jobs to our communities, protecting funding for the Toxics Use Reduction Institute, and creating the Water Infrastructure Finance Commission, to protect our clean water supplies,” said State Senator Jamie Eldridge.

“Next session, there is much more left to be done — including passing the Safer Alternatives, E-Waste and Bottle bills, promoting clean technology, and securing budget funding for environmental protection and water infrastructure. As the Environmental Scorecard shows, being a strong environmentalist in the Legislature is as much about demonstrating leadership – sponsoring legislation and fighting to bring it to the floor for passage – as it is about voting the right way. I’ll continue to be a leader on environmental issues, and encourage my colleagues to do the same, so we can see greater gains next session,” continued Eldridge.

The Massachusetts League of Environmental Voters worked with environmental and conservation organizations to compile the priority environmental bills to track during the session. Groups were consulted throughout the session to ensure that the key votes were included. The Environmental Scorecard includes a voting total for each legislator. The voting total-based on a scale of 0 to 100-was scored on the number of pro- environmental votes cast out of the total number included. In some instances, bills that did not receive a roll call vote were scored by crediting legislators that signed a sign-on letter. Some major environmental bills like OHV in the Senate did not receive a recorded vote.  The total score includes extra points for sponsoring and co-sponsoring pro-environment bills (maximum of 10 points, cosponsor=1 pt., sponsor= 2 pt).

The Scorecard also includes an Honor Roll to recognize those legislators that went the extra green mile this session. Eldridge received a spot on the Honor roll for “working tirelessly for environmental safeguards in the Economic Development bill and other key amendments,” according to the MLEV Scorecard.

The report can be seen online at: http://www.mlev.org/scorecard.php and scroll down to the .pdf files.

The Massachusetts League of Environmental Voters (MLEV) is a statewide, nonpartisan organization dedicated to making environmental protection a top priority for Massachusetts elected officials, candidates and voters in order to better protect our environment and health.


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