For Your Information: Governor Baker’s 9C Budget Cuts

I am shocked by Governor Charlie Baker’s decision to cut $98 million from the state budget just before the holidays. During the FY17 budget debate, I was proud to join my colleagues in advocating for funding of crucial programs in the areas of housing and homelessness, healthcare, food assistance, environmental protection, drug treatment, public safety, disability, and social services. Governor Baker’s actions to de-fund these services were premature and short-sighted, especially because House and Senate leaders urged caution on budget cuts until the state’s revenue picture became more clear.

Since Governor Baker’s actions yesterday, I have received dozens of calls and emails from my constituents expressing serious concerns about the impact of these devastating and regressive budget cuts. Many have also asked for a full listing of these cuts, but Governor Baker has not posted such a list anywhere on his website, making it difficult for legislators and the general public to learn what programs and services he has de-funded. I have attached the information below.

Governor Baker’s Letter Regarding 9C Cuts

FY17 9C Cuts by Line-Item and Earmark 

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