Improving our Public Schools

Jamie knows that our public schools are the foundation of our economy, and that the investments we make in education now will benefit our Commonwealth for generations to come. That’s why he’s working to make sure our schools have the resources and tools they need to succeed, such as quality teachers, small class sizes, and well-rounded curricula.

As a State Representative, Jamie championed minimum education aid for all communities (sometimes referred to as the “Acton Plan”) to ensure that all Massachusetts communities get their fair share of education aid and reduce the reliance on property taxes to fund education.  Jamie has been a strong and vocal advocate for making sure our local cities and towns get their fair share of state funding.

Jamie also supports further education reforms and innovations to improve our public school system, including universal full-day kindergarten and expanded early childhood (pre-K) programs, and measures to reform our student testing system to close achievement gaps, lower drop-out rates, and promote a well-balanced curriculum.  He is also a co-sponsor of An Act to Fulfill the Promise of Education Reform, to study what it actually costs to educate a child in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Jamie also understands that a safe school environment, one where students are free from harassment and bullying, is crucial to student success. He was proud to be the lead sponsor of bullying-prevention legislation, a version of which was passed by the Legislature and signed into law in 2010.

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