Local Aid

Working with our Cities and Towns

Jamie recognizes how tight local budgets are, which is why fighting for more local aid from the state has been his top priority.  He believes that communities shouldn’t have to face the difficult choice between raising property taxes or cutting cops and teachers.

In this tough fiscal climate, cuts to local aid (and many other vital programs and services) are unavoidable – but Jamie is working to make sure these cuts are as small as possible. That’s one of the reasons Jamie believes our state needs to look for new sources of revenue, rather than balancing our annual budget by cutting critical aid to our cities and towns. Learn more about Jamie’s views on Revenue here.

As the Senate Chair of the Joint Committee on Municipalities, Jamie also led the effort in the Senate to pass the Municipal Relief Bill, which will give cities and towns across Massachusetts new tools to manage their budgets and govern more efficiently in these challenging fiscal times.

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