Littleton Independent: Burgers and Banter with Pols

By Betsy Levinson

An end of summer barbecue hosted by state Sen. Jamie Eldridge and Rep. Jim Arciero brought out at least 75 residents including selectmen, firefighters, police officers and school personnel.


Manning the smoky grill were interns for Eldridge and Arciero who are heading back to college next week.

It was a jovial time to catch up with folks that went in different directions over the summer.

Eldridge said he is enjoying his new, larger district now that he is in the state senate, and both representatives opined that next year’s state budget will likely be lower than this year, and local aid will suffer again.

“I support what they are doing on Beacon Hill,” said Selectman Joe Knox. “Every time I have called on them they have been receptive.”

Knox said he is on the crematory committee and has been in contact with the reps about EPA matters.

Selectman Jim Karr wheeled in his 83-year-old mother who greeted her friends and met the senator and representative.

“This is an opportunity for us to get out to the district and meet with the seniors, our greatest generation,” said Arciero. “They are the ones that built this town. This is our way of saying thanks.”

Eldridge spoke to the budget woes and tried to assure seniors that may be losing access to health care, and cuts to local aid.

“Next year could be even worse,” said Eldridge.

But on the positive side, Eldridge said double tracking the rail line from South Acton to Ayer will begin in October. The train runs through Littleton.

Selectman Ken Eldridge touted the new police station that is due to come on line next month, and the continued paving of Goldsmith Street as he greeted the crowd. He also said the Russell Street school project is running smoothly with the asbestos abatement completed.

“Given the economy, we are doing all right,” said the selectman.

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