Senator Eldridge, Representative Hogan Announce State Library of Massachusetts Receives $1.2 Million to Fund the Digitization of Legal Documents

Digitization will promote public access to government documents

BOSTON- Senator Jamie Eldridge (D-Acton) and Representative Kate Hogan (D-Stow) announced that the State Library of Massachusetts has been awarded a $1.2M grant from capital bond that will continue to fund a valuable digitization project. The purpose of this project is to digitize the most highly used Massachusetts publications and add them to the existing digital repository. The funding provided from this grant will allow for the digitization of the Library’s collection of municipal reports and legislative material, much of which is in manuscript form.

“Grant funding for our library is a great step towards creating more opportunities for the general public to gain insight into what is happening in our government,” said Chair of the Board of Trustees for the State Library Senator Jamie Eldridge (D-Acton). “Digitizing these pieces from our collections will allow easier access of information to our residents and make legal documentation more inclusive. Ensuring these documents are more publicly available will help create a more unified relationship between government and the people.”

“Integrating technology into our libraries’ operations will preserve our Commonwealth’s past into the 21st century,” said Representative Hogan. “As Chair of the Library Caucus I understand fully how profound this grant is for the State Library – being able to digitize their archives will better serve the public and expedite the flow of information about our rich history and culture.”

“This is an exciting digitization project and a significant undertaking to make these incredible historical documents readily available to the public, as well as provide citizens’ greater access to the vast wealth contained in these volumes,” said State Librarian Elvernoy (Albie) Johnson.

During this fiscal year this project will digitize over 1 million pages of these collections. These collections will include Legislative Documents dating from 1780-1869, 1870-1904, and 1996-2008; House and Senate Journals dating from 1780-1865 (manuscript), 1866-1939, and 1997-2008; Agency Annual Reports in Public Document Series and other High Priority Massachusetts Room Items; and Selected Town Reports.


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