Eldridge files amendment to restore fair wages for retail workers

Economic development amendment would strengthen worker’s rights, reduce income inequality, and boost local economies

BOSTON – State Senator Jamie Eldridge (D-Acton) has filed an amendment (#2) to S.2625, An Act Relative to Economic Development in the Commonwealth, that would restore the time-and-a-half wage requirement on Sundays and holidays.

“Restoring time-and-a-half would increase wages for workers in every community at a time when income remains stagnant for too many Massachusetts residents while costs for housing, health care, and child care are rising at an alarming rate,” Eldridge said. “These workers, who likely will spend their earnings locally on groceries, healthcare, and area retail stores, often rely on this critical income just to make ends meet. Since the Legislature passed the so-called ‘Grand Bargain’ which repealed the time-and-a-half law, I’ve heard from retail workers and concerned constituents who were not aware that the overwhelmingly Democratic Legislature would consider cutting wages for hundreds of thousands of Massachusetts residents. Many retail workers have spent decades to achieve an hourly wage that, when they work on Sundays or holidays, translates into a significant boost in income. The legislative compromise erased that progress. Our economy is at its best when we all have a fair shot not just to survive, but to pursue greater financial goals.”

The Senate is debating S.2625 tomorrow.


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