2015-2016 Bill List

Here are my bills for the 2015-2016 legislative session. From income equality to combating climate change, I am proud to be the lead sponsor of 91 bills this session. Members of the public are welcome to contact me at the State House at 617-722-1120 any time with questions, comments and concerns.

For a list of bills I filed this session, check out JBE 15-16 bill list.

1 thought on “2015-2016 Bill List

  • Thank you for your dedication to making our complex — and, at times, unresponsive to our Greater Common Good — Massachusetts legislative process WORK more effectively.
    Thank you for your attention to so many diverse and specific needs — large and small — and for stimulating legislative attention to be paid to each — even though the bulk of your work is totally out of public sight (and the attention of Mass Media) , and even though it will take several years (or more) before your seemingly untiring efforts become Law.
    You have great patience and stamina, for which we commend you.
    Your work as our Elected Official in the MA is very appreciated in our household.
    And my wife and I believe that you give respect and credence to the term “politician.” It is a unique and vital job — and you perform it very well.
    Thank you for your continued, seeming unflagging service to your constituents, to your District and to our Commonwealth.
    — Bruce and Miriam Crawford — Hudson

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